Unique Cyber-crime services for your business

We can provide assistance and advice that will assist you to carry out your business and develope your eCommerce strategy for the future.

Fraud Investigations

Our team of experienced Detectives and Analysts can provide timely lines of investigation that may prevent you becoming the victims of crime or assist the Police or Trading Standards in their enquiries. 

Vetting Checks


We can conduct open source background checks on current or potential employees or check companies in your supply chain for Cyber Security compliance. (i.e. ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials etc)

Product and Brand Piracy

With the ever increasing amount of information that is on the internet, we can research, analyse and interigate the system to provide you with assistance with any issues you may have with Product and Brand Piracy.  

Company Profiles

It might seem strange that we are putting this on a website but you cannot believe everything that you find on here.  We can research companies, ascertain the reliability of their information and provide a profile that will assist you in making informed decisions.

Consulting and Training

  • Bespoke Training packages
  • Consusltancy advice
  • Crime prevention advice 
  • Internal Investigative support
  • Managed IT Solutions
  • Network Consultancy
  • Network Security

Cyber-Crime Services

CYBERCSI can help! 


Email: contact@cybercsi.co.uk


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